TWG is founded by Jasper van der Schaaf. By doing this, Jasper has combined his years of experience in interim management, his solid foundation in the social domain and his legal knowledge with his passion for human growth and development.

Making a positive contribution to the different stages of life is what motivates TWG. From an early stage with education and support, via a middle stage of work and sustainable employability, to the last stage of (vital) aging, nursing and health care. To provide support for organizations that are active in these areas, TWG contributes to this circle of life.

“For me, the process of learning something new or improving a skill is one of the most wonderful and satisfactory things in life. This process shifts from ambition, to frustration and desperation to pride and back again.”

TWG contributes by advising and supporting directors and managers in organizing processes of decision making, internal organization and compliance and by gaining support for these changes.



In his work, Jasper values a personal approach. This means that – like an albino giraffe – he is a little different from other interim managers and pays much attention to the organizational culture. For Jasper, it is highly valued and essential to connect with the people that form an organization. Jasper is open for solutions that are somewhat different or “out-of-the box” and makes often use of these solutions to realize the desired change.